Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I am Sundance and this is what I do......

I am Sundance and I have a massive history here in Chicago and it all started in 1988.
I was featured on a house record with a young man name Fast Eddie
The song was called "Git Up" and I didn't think much of the song at all until I went on 5 month tour at the age of 17. The song was huge and yet I was my own uncertainty about it until I was rewarded with a gold plaque after the song held significant time on The Billboard Dance Charts and certified gold through RIAA.

Upon returning back to the states, money was of course, mismanaged and being young it got ran all the way through! It put me in a homeless shelter where I stayed 10 months accompanied with child. I put myself through beauty school and got very successful in the field of Cosmetology. Determined to not only make a dollar but vowed never to return to Tabitha House as a resident. But I never forgot the women there, Mother Walker the owner and Ms. Smith my counselor, I never forgot about you ladies.

That experience will forever keep me grounded and humble.

I won many awards, certificates, plaques and trophies in my 17 year career as a hair stylist, I love doing hair but it didn't feed my soul like music did.
I always had a hunger for music and listening to the radio and collecting cd's wasn't enough for me. In 1997 I heard a young personality on the radio that I knew from high school and was blown away to know he had a job with this radio station, thinking to myself, I said out loud, "If HE got a job in radio I know DAMN well I can!!"
I knew the afternoon jock at the time (Rick Party, used to do his ex-wife's hair) called him and told him I wanted a job at the station, he gave me the assistant pd's number, I knew him and he remembered me from the old record, made the contact and he didn't have anything open but I stalked him for 3 years! 3 times a week for 3 years I called Jay Allen for a job, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 10 am for 3 years.
And one day I said "I'm done! I'm not calling him no damn more"
the next hour he called me and said he had something for me.....
I was an employee at 1075 WGCI-Chicago from December of '99 until October of '07
I made the transition and moved to WVAZ 1027 V103 The transition was a smooth one and I never looked back and didn't regret it, people need to listen to God when he talks to you and tell you when your time is up and time to move on. Moving on equals growth.....
While at Gci, I learned how to pursue my passion, Djing
Thanks to Steve Maestro and The Boolu Master, they taught me how to dj and not only dj, they were both giving me mental tools, it takes a very aggressive woman to be a dj, she can't be passive, she can't wear her feelings on her sleeve, she must know in her heart THIS is what she is called to do.

In doing so, I have made a mark in the city, broken some records and continue to excel.
Being V103's First Female Dj. Never in 20 years have V103 had a female dj, even on Chicago radio itself so making that history means more than the actual job.
I've been the first female from Chicago to get booked on BET's Rap City Aug of '05
I've been booked on Fox News in The Morning 3 times and once with the Superstation, WGN
I've been featured in The Source Magazine and the latest edition on Rap Pages.
The first woman to enlist to The Core-a well respected dj family.
As said before, Tabitha House keeps me humble and I wouldn't change it, even if I could.....

You can still hear my radio show Monday thru Fridays 1027 V103 1am until 5am, Queen of Overnights and you can hear my mixes on the station as well..
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